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Spa & Sport Resort Sveti Martin offers a number of options related to health, beauty and relaxation. Select the right thing for yourself!

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Dear guests, we inform you that the steam sauna is no longer functional.

World of real wellness pleasures

Selected from Wellness Center

Classic therapy massage; full body, 40 min

The purpose of massage is not only relaxation but also to dispel problems that are the result of stress, intensive exercise and psychological and physical tension; headaches; neck and shoulder pains; swollen legs and cramps.

Wellness Center
Only 39 € per person


Sveti Martin Full Body Massage, 80 min

This excellent massage technique is a combination of elements of lymphatic drainage,classic massage and acupressure massage. It is great for relaxation of the entire body, for raising energy levels and reducing stress. The massage is conducted on an individual basis according to the needs of the client and uses rhythmic stroking, stretching and kneading the muscles with a special grape seed oil mixture that is a powerful anti-oxidant and gives the skin a youthful appearance.

Wellness Center
Only 55 € per person


Selected from Beauty Center

Classic Facial Treatment, 90 min

Our classic facial treatment is a complete care proceedure that includes both surface and deep cleansing of the skin, a facial mask, a face and neck massage and eyebrow shaping. The treatment is suitable for all skin types and isindividual, very relaxing and based on natural products. It is very effective and painless and does not irritate the skin but leaves it fresher and firmer. 

Beauty centar
Only 46 € per person