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Devices and therapeutic solutions


IQCURE® SCAN is a superb combination of scanners used in preventive and rehabilitation programs, based on the principle of quantum physics. They scan your body based on medical technology and reference databases in order to get a clear picture of you physical and mental health. The system itself does not cure illnesses and is not used as a diagnostic tool in traditional medicine, but operates on the principle of preventing illnesses from developing.


The Blue Scan works on the basis of classic bioresonance principles, and the heart rate variability meter monitors even the slightest changes in the ECG and on the basis of points measured gives information on the central and vegetative nervous system with an elaboration of the results with a lot of details later explained by the doctor.


The Silver Scan works by scanning heart rate variability and assessing stress levels, central and vegetative nervous system, fatigue levels, and levels of psycho-vegetative self-control. The scanner also has applications for sound and color treatments.


The Gold Scan detects the light signals of communication between the cells and makes a software comparison between them and healthy communications. Every change of signal is momentarily recorded and interpreted as a certain misbalance in the organ system.



This therapeutic device reduces stress, and serves as treatment at the initial stage of Burn Out. It is effective in sleep disorders and problems with the immune system. It increases the percentage of oxygen in the circulation and is the ultimate treatment for heart problems and circulation. It is used for light, oxygen and sound therapies, infusion therapies, aromatherapy and cell membrane massages.


The Health Booster therapy device is a unique device that will help you feel significantly strengthened and absolutely vital in just 30 minutes. It will remove the toxins from the environment from your body, which through the osmosis process go into the electrolyte solution, and it becomes brown. You breathe pure ionizing oxygen and at the same time learn to develop the best breathing technique for you. It reduces pain in your body, gives you a reflexive foot massage that stimulates your immune system and treats skin problems naturally.


Popularly called "Breathing Bed", this is a therapy device that teaches us how to breathe, thus reducing the amount of stress. It contains CO2 therapy for improving blood circulation in the skin and detoxes the whole body. Depending on the scanner results and the condition of your body, we wrap you in different mushroom and algae wraps with certain substances (e.g. sandalwood for male health), depending on the program tailored to you so that you relax and enjoy. In addition, the device also offers color, sound and light therapy, and aromatherapy.


The device is extremely effective in dealing with problems of dry skin and psoriasis, and in the treatment of skin problems. It's great for stress and Burn Out problems. Using sound waves therapy, the basal membrane of the skin is massaged, thus opening the pores and improving blood circulation in the body. There is also aromatherapy, light and color therapy and sound therapy, providing a complete detox and body deacidifying.


Similar to Turkish baths, the Full Body repair bath mimics the frequency of sunlight. It provides the ideal thermal therapy with heated seats for prostate and urinary tract infections of women and men, as it has been proven that heat raises blood circulation, which is very important for infection prevention and for male potency. It provides light therapy, throat, nose and bronchial therapy, and it lets out vapours enriched with negative ions, important for the treatment of respiratory organs in rhinitis and common colds. Through inhalation, minerals and trace elements are taken into the body. It is important to emphasize the lithium, whose inhalation is proven to reduce the level of stress.

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