Weddings and family celebrations

Dream Weddings

Whether you want a traditional, modern or a completely unusual wedding, give us a call so that we can listen to your desires and become just a small part of the happiest day of your life! 

In order for you to escape the unnecessary headaches and stress of wedding planning, our ambitious team will take over the planning of your big day down to the smallest detail and our professional restaurant staff will make sure that you are proud to be host to the celebrations! 

Apart from the wedding itself, we can offer you a wellness weekend as a kind of mini honeymoon and what is an absolute hit –a hen party that you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

Hen night in Sveti Martin

Imagine the scenario: Saturday morning, the bride to be, her bridesmaid and the rest of the party arrive at the destination where the staff is ready to make all their wishes come true. 

After having a morning coffee they all head for the wellness center and start looking through the offer and wonder...should they start with a manicure? A pedicure maybe? Nooo! Going to the sauna after that would ruin them so one thing at a time... 

Let's start with a massage! stars deserve a special treatment so we treat the bride to be with a three and a half hour treatment. What about us? - ask the rest of the girls... But of course, the Sveti Martin wellness team have created a package with a little something for everybody!

Other festivities and celebrations

Ever since it was opened, the Spa & Sport Resort Sveti Martin has been the central point for family celebrations and festivities in the region. Every single event is approached individually taking in to account each clients needs always trying to present the tradition and culture in a new and innovative way.

What ever the event is we will ensure the best atmosphere and make sure you and your family have a great time. Live music, the tasty foods and an elegant setup will create the perfect setting for the memory to cherish for a long time.