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Classic therapy massage; full body, 40 min

The purpose of massage is not only relaxation but also to dispel problems that are the result of stress, intensive exercise and psychological and physical tension; headaches; neck and shoulder pains; swollen legs and cramps.

Wellness Center
Only 39 € per person


Medicinal thermal pack, 30 min

The purpose of a thermal wrap is to warm the entire body and is recommended for rheumatism, excema, pain and tension. A thermal wrap is the perfect means of renewing and toning skin and because of its high mineral content and effect on the circulation.It is effecatious in getting rid of cellulite. The thermal wrap therapy is performed in combination with Sv.Martin’s thermo-mineral waters that,due to theirmineralization, iodine, fluoride content and temperature, have strong balneologicproperties.

Wellness Center
Only 26 € per person


Sveti Martin Full Body Massage, 80 min

This excellent massage technique is a combination of elements of lymphatic drainage,classic massage and acupressure massage. It is great for relaxation of the entire body, for raising energy levels and reducing stress. The massage is conducted on an individual basis according to the needs of the client and uses rhythmic stroking, stretching and kneading the muscles with a special grape seed oil mixture that is a powerful anti-oxidant and gives the skin a youthful appearance.

Wellness Center
Only 55 € per person



Sveti Martin Massage

Experience the Sveti Martin massage for which we use grape seeds...

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