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The salt room and halo-therapy

Haloterapija je terapijska metoda koja se koristi u liječenju dišnih i kožnih bolesti...

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We recommend

Exercises for expectant mothers

Exerciseraises your immunity, improves blood circulation and increases energy levels necessary to aid conception, enjoying your pregnancy and prepare the body for child birth. At the Lumbalis centre, we recommend a specially designed and precisely regulated programme under the supervision of a physical therapist. With regulargy necological test results and a good general state of health, every pregnant woman can start exercising.
Elements of our pre natale xercise plan include:
  • Exercises for aerobic endurance/fitness
  • Exercises for strength
  • Exercises for mobility
Duration: 60 minutes / 8 sessions   

Lumbalis Centar
Only 47 € per person


Magnet therapy, 30 min

Magnet therapy or magnotherapy involves the application ofof electrotherapy in the form of static electromagnetic fields. It is used in connection with bone as well as soft tissue, reducing inflammation, neuralgia etc.

Lumbalis Centar
Only 6 € per person


Salt room (adults), 45 min

Halotherapy or salt therapy is carried out in a salt room or salt cave. Halotherapy is a therapeutic method that is used in the treatment of respiratory and skin diseases. The therapy is based on the inhallation of crystalline microparticles of salt and exposure of the body to rock salt in dry aerosol form. 

Lumbalis Centar
Only 14 € per person


Ultrasound, 15 min

This is a deep thermotherapy method and is used for: joint contractures, bursitis and inflammation of the tendons, muscle pain and spasms, degenerative changes in the joints and the spine and myogelosis or hardening of the muscles.

Lumbalis Centar
Only 8 € per person