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Monday - Sunday - Holiday
09.00 - 21.00

Price list

Skin care
Anti-cellulite massage 30 min 36 €
Anti-cellulite massage is very effective in the sense of cellulite elimination, as well as toning, firmness and glow of the skin, alongside better circulation.
Aromasoul Mediterranean Ritual Massage 60 min only 47 €
The ritual is inspired by the energy and warmth of the Mediterranean culture, intensified by the scent of the ocean in the hands of the massage therapist who moves like a wave. The massage has a prosperous effect on the mind and the body. Mediterranean essential oils: basil, sage and rosemary.
Body strategist - Tone / Firming D-age 60 min only 46 €
An innovative treatment that will deeply renew elasticity and give your skin a firmer appearance. The active ingredients have anti-aging effect and reduce free radical damage to your skin.
Body strategist Attack / Cellulite 60 min only 39 €
Intensive Anti-Cellulite-Körperformung reduziert die Fettpolstern und regt die Mikrozirkulation und die lipolytische Aktivität an. Die Haut ist nach dem Tretman wirksam tonifiziert, straff und geschmeidig.
Healing wrap with green clay 30 min only 27 €  
Tranquillity Aromatic Beauty Ritual (face & body) 90 min only 55 €
This is a complete face and body treatment. We use a special massage technique that helps the body completely relax and contributes to physical and mental equilibrium. “Tranquility” products create an amazing anti-stress environment. Their unique combination of essential oils has a profound aromachological effect and leaves a fragrance that you will never forget.
Foot and palm care
Classic manicure with varnish 45 min 22 €  
Hands nail arrangement with painting 30 min 16 €  
Leg nails arrangement with painting 30 min 22 €  
Medical pedicure with varnish 60 min 35 €  
Face care
Deep face cleansing 90 min 46 €
Our classic facial treatment is a complete care proceedure that includes both surface and deep cleansing of the skin, a facial mask, a face and neck massage and eyebrow shaping. The treatment is suitable for all skin types and isindividual, very relaxing and based on natural products. It is very effective and painless and does not irritate the skin but leaves it fresher and firmer.
Face Massage 20 min only 23 €
Facial massages can also help to lift and firm the skin, reducing the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles.
Facial care + face mask 32 €  
Hydramemory Intense 60 min only 51 €
Nourishes and moisturises your skin through mutual activity of trehalose (desert plant sugar), mineral salts, beta-glucan, honey and hibiscus extract. It is especially recommended for skin dehydrated as a result of stress, sun exposure, air conditioning, air pollution and frequent travel by airplane.
Natural microdermabrasion 60 min 47 €  
Recover touch 60 min only 39 €
This antioxidant vitamin treatment will intensely nourish the skin, sooth and relieve stress caused by external factors. Ideal for all skin types.
Skin Regimen 30 min only 34 €
Would you like to rejuvenate your skin in 30 minutes? Skin Care Regimen will give you a healthier and more youthful look by rejuvenating your skin in only 30 minutes. KABAT technique provides a lasting effect by improving skin tissue and muscle elasticity.
Sublime Skin Revitalizing Treatment 60 min only 52 €
A restructuring and lifting treatment that will nourish and leave the skin toned and radiant. It will reduce fine lines and wrinkles, give an energy boost to skin, restore the facial volume and stimulate skin cell regeneration.
Hair removal
Exebrow or eyelashes coloring 6 €  
Eyebrow shaping and eyebrow and eyelash coloring 7 €  
Waxing (legs, bikini, upper lip, armpits, face, chest, back) 6 €
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Hotel guests are allowed unlimited access to the hotel pool within working hours. 
Children aged 0-3 yrs are allowed to use the pool with a manadatory usage of special swim diapers and accompanied by their parents. 
Children aged 3-16 yrs are allowed to use the pool if accompanied by their parents. 
Children under 16 yrs are not allowed to use the sauna. 
You can use your card to get a tower for the pool (one a day/person) at the reception of the Wellness Centre. We kindly ask you to return the towel to the reception after use, take your card and hand it in after check-out to avoid additional costs (75 HRK/day).
To use the sauna, a reservation at the reception is required.

VAT included in prices. We reserve the right to modify prices. For General Terms and Conditions of Business and services that are not listed in this special offer regular conditions apply that can be found in the official price list of Spa & Sport Resort Sveti Martin that is valid from 8.8.2017.