Restaurants and bars

Le Batat

Le Batat is a place which combines flavors of tradition with modern and innovative culinary ideas. Le Batat offers only healthy dishes prepared from locally produced ingredients.  

Kontakt: +385 40 315 005

Restaurant Mira - buffet restaurant

Restaurant Mira is also part of the hotel and it offers a variety of meals and a top quality buffet service. Seated in pleasant surroundings, guests can enjoy the view or majestic Nature from the romantic terrace.

Kontakt: +385 40 315 006

Restaurant Vučkovec - buffet restaurant

Restaurant Vučkovec is the place with the longest tradition within the Sveti Martin Spa & Sport complex and as such, is the ideal location to combine the spirit modern tourism with the tradition of the upper-Međimurje area. The ‘vision’ of this restaurant is ‘antiquity for the eye, the soul and the stomach’. It’s a place where you don’t just drop in by chance but where you come with a group of friends to relax and chat to the sound of traditional folk music. It’s a place where you eat traditional food from authentic, ancient, clay dishes on antique tablecloths together with a glass or two of Međimurje wine all served with heartfelt hospitality by your Međimurje host.

Kontakt: +385 40 371 100

Pub Potkova

Pub Potkova is an authentic pub, which has the best and widest selection of draught beer and live music and guaranteed entertainment at the weekend. The Potkova Pub is a popular gathering place for cyclists and so has earned the name "Bike Friendly Pub" and it is also proud of its guests on all fours – pets are more than welcom ein the pub!

Kontakt: +385 40 371 173

Pool lounge

Pool lounge is a place where you can quench your hunger while bathing in the thermal spa; fast food and daily menus at reasonable prices will make sure that you enjoy the water fun all day long! Dress code - a swimsuit!

NEW! Now, you can have an amazing meal served on the buffet table, and we also offer a number of a-la-carte dishes and pizzas. All in the Pool Lounge.

Contact: +385 40 371 100