Sports in our Sports Hall

The new sports hall is suitable for the preparation of professional athletes and for the enjoyment of recreational athletes. It includes courts with moveable viewing stalls, dressing rooms, a state of the art gym, a fitness and martial arts center, and facilities for coaches.

Together with our annexes, the total area of the sports complex is some 726 square meters (33 x 22 m). We are equipped for the practice of various sporting activities and events such as martial arts needing different floor coverings: kickboxing, karate, Taekwondo, judo, aikido and Kung Fu. We can hold competitive events, and recreational games like handball, futsal, volleyball, basketball and table tennis. Within the hall, there are rooms for fitness, Pilates, aerobics and dance. 

There is a gym and a centre for recreation and physical therapy. There is an auditorium for spectators (250 seats) and a number of other rooms for athletes and sports clubs (score board, four dressing rooms, toilets, coffee bar). The hall is located in a beautiful setting and is equipped with LIFE FITNESS equipment. The versatility of this area is reflected in the fact that it also provides the possibility of organizing cultural and entertainment programs (concerts, fairs, exhibitions).

  • main hall 33m x 22m with 4 changing rooms and stalls with 250 seats
  • smallercourts for futsal,basketball, volley ball, table tennis,handball 
  • gymwith LIFESTYLE equipment
  • small hall 80 m2 for rythmics, pilates, dance, yoga etc.
  • space for physical therapy


This is a sport, with an exceptional tradition, that is very popular with young people both in our country and around the world. With the construction of our basketball court with its asphalt surface measuring 28 m x 15 m(much to the delight and affirmation of people who have an affinity for the sport), we completed all the main segments of sports on offer at Sveti Martin. 

Basketball is a sport that is enjoyed by young people and they get the most use out of the court along with guests staying with us for a longer period. Introducing young people and adults to sports programmes is essential for the complete psychophysical state of our community!

Fitness centre

The Fitness Centre is located in the sports hall, 200 meters away from the Hotel Spa Golfer. It measures over 120 square metres and has a wonderful view over and perfect daylight. It is equipped withLIFE FITNESS high-quality exercise equipment. 

The centre has air-conditioning and contains all necessary audio and video technology. Individual and multifunctional trainers, dumbbells of various weights, a movable bench, treadmill, elliptical trainer, ergometerl, Swedish ladders, medicine balls and ropes, all ensure the activation of large and small muscle groups that is so necessary for quality training. 

The number of trainers and the spaciousness of the fitness centre allow individual and circuit training and work out stations.