Sports in our Sports Hall

The new sports hall is suitable for the preparation of professional athletes and for the enjoyment of recreational athletes. It includes courts with moveable viewing stalls, dressing rooms, a state of the art gym, a fitness and martial arts center, and facilities for coaches.

Sa pomoćnim prostorijama ukupne površine 726 metara kvadratnih (33x22m), pogodna je za održavanje različitih sportskih aktivnosti i priredaba iz raznih sportova, tj.za borilačke sportove sa različitim podnim oblogama: kick-boks, karate, teakwondo, judo, aikido, kung fu. Može poslužiti za održavanje natjecateljskog dijela, ali i rekreativne igre rukometa, malog nogometa, odbojke, košarke, stolnog tenisa. U sklopu dvorane nalaze se prostorije za fitness, pilates, aerobik i ples. 

  • Air-conditioned
  • Size: 22 x 33 m
  • Sound system, scoreboard, two additional basketball hoops
  • Sitting area with 250 seats
  • 4 changing rooms with showers
  • Physical therapy rooms
  • Equipment
  • Storage area
  • 200 m away from the hotel
  • Sauna

Large gym court 22 x 33 m
Large gym court 22 x 33 m
Changing room
Changing room
Dance studio
Dance studio
Fitness Centre
Fitness Centre

Fitness centar

The Fitness Centre is located in the sports hall, 200 meters away from the Hotel Spa Golfer. It measures over 120 square metres and has a wonderful view over and perfect daylight. It is equipped withLIFE FITNESS high-quality exercise equipment. 

The centre has air-conditioning and contains all necessary audio and video technology. Individual and multifunctional trainers, dumbbells of various weights, a movable bench, treadmill, elliptical trainer, ergometerl, Swedish ladders, medicine balls and ropes, all ensure the activation of large and small muscle groups that is so necessary for quality training. 

The number of trainers and the spaciousness of the fitness centre allow individual and circuit training and work out stations.


Dear guests, in the period from the 8th of January till 25th of January 2018 a hotel gym and a fitness center within the sports hall will not be available for use.